It is Time For Change And Change Begins With You !


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On-line or face-to-face Life Coaching

Our LIFE COACHING sessions will EMANCIPATE you. They will EQUIP you to connect mind with matter thus leading to SUCCESS in all areas of your life.

Speaking Engagements

Joyce is an accomplished Public speaker is happy to discuss and accomodate your needs. Please complete the Contact form above for further details


Workshops are available for all our services. We are happy to discuss your needs further. Please complete the Contact form above.

Reiki Distance Healing and Atonement

REIKI DISTANCE HEALING can be sent out to you, your family, your loved ones, including your pet/s, to solve any problem or challenges currently effecting your life.

Meditation and Spiritual Yoga

The goal of MEDITATION is to focus and quiet your mind, eventually reaching a higher level of awareness and inner calm. SPIRITUAL YOGA treats the root cause of an ailment. We offer COMBINED, Meditation and Spiritual Yoga.


Joyce has published Two Books. ' Phenomenal Women' and 'The New Thought Movement UK Manifesto'. Both books are available as e-books on Amazon.

New Thought Movement UK Manifesto

For too long we have lived with the THOUGHT that the Human Being is Small, Insignificant and Limited....merely subjected to Fate!

We have lived with the THOUGHT that some Human Beings are of Lesser Importance, Sub-Categories.....Collateral Damage, To be Exposed Of. Beings lacking in Influence, Power and even devoid of a Reason to exist.

Well, NO MORE! It is Time for a Change and That Change Begins with You!


Phenomenal Women by Joyce Louison

This is a BRILLIANT book. IT IS A POWERFUL BOOK. It was written inadvertently, not intentionally. It is my Life Story! A Statement of Love, of No More Giving into Fear.

Everyday I hear about people living in fear. Seeing this fear pains me. I know they are creating Hell on Earth for themselves and that this could follow them even into Death. I wish with all my Heart that they believe me when I say that Women can change their Lives, their Family, their Community, the lives of those around them EVEN the Whole World!

Daily, I realize the Importance of the Message TO BE FOUND within this book.
My only regret is not writing it sooner!



Read What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say.....

Sarah-Jayne Gibson

Queen's University - Musicology

"I purchased a copy of Phenomenal Women and was pleasantly surprised. It was a refreshing concept to read a book written completely via Social Media. I remember speaking to Joyce about my desire to have a Baby after many years of trying. Within a few months of reading the book I was pregnant with a beautiful boy. I believe this book may have changed my life".


Belfast Resident

Phenomenal Women is a very interesting book. It was written with so much love and is about real people and real emotions. Since reading this book I have become much happier in my relationship, My kids are doing phenomenally well and I have a re-invigorated Zeal for my Music. This book has made me realize that Anything Is Possible"!

P Jingo

Support Care Recruitment

"I bought this book as a way of supporting my friend Joyce but also as a gift for my wife. After reading it I was so inspired that I decided to totally focus on my own business. I now have a growing business, in the very competitive Healthcare Sector. I do not know if there is a direct connection but I do admit that I was inspired. Well Done Joyce"!

Prices Range From

£20 Upwards

  • Reikki Distance Atonement - £20 / 45 Minutes
  • Reikki Distance Healing - £30 /1 Hour
  • Life Coaching - Price On Request
  • Speaking Engagement - Price On Request
  • All Other Services - Price On Request
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Reiki - Levels 1,2 & 3 (Master).

Reiki is a form of hands healing. It involves activating the Ki which is the universal life force present in all living things. Reiki is holistic; it works on the body mind and spirit, reopening and rebalancing the flow of the universal life force around the body creating lasting wellness. .

Spiritual Yoga Workshops

Spiritual Yoga stresses treatment of the base cause of ailment. it combines physical posture and poses designed to formulate strength and flexibility with meditation to bring the body mind and spirit into union. New Thought Movement teaches the benefits and how to perform Spiritual Yoga.

Meditation Workshops

Mediation is a state of conscious sleep during which we get abundant cosmic energy. The flow of this cosmic energy is increased as thought decreases and as it passes through the energy tubes it cleanse etheric patches, allows a person to recognise the root cause of illness and heals the body. This cosmic energy activates the seven energy centres or chakras of the body from root to crown.


New Thought Movement UK offers all its Workshops under the highest quality standards. We pride ourselves on Value, truth and honesty in all we do. Our aim is to facilitate the connection to universal knowledge and energy to enable the development of highest human potential already existing within all our clients. We do business in a happy friendly, warm and welcoming setting.



New Thought Movement UK
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